Dimensions Painting

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40″ x 17.5″ – Watercolor & Ink on paper 2005 (Framed) | “Dimensions”

Dimenstions Painting

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This is one of my personal favorites as it portrays gateways into another dimension. When you lift the veil, their is a whole different reality just waiting for us… You really have to blow this one up to get a good look at it. I bought the frame in a nice store and it was originally a palm tree and a vertical design. I inserted 3 pieces of watercolor paper over it and just did my own thing. Most watercolor and ink pens. I then added a couple strips of matte to make the pieces look like one and drew over the matte and outside matte to get a little more freaky with it. The piece is almost 4′ long and has very intricate details.

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