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Organic Diet TipsFitness, eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle have always been a big part of my life. People ask me what I eat all the time and how I work out, so I decided to dedicate this page to organic diet tips and work out tricks that I incorporate into my daily living. Although I am not a certified personal trainer or nutritionist, I have been active my whole life and only have about 8% BODY FAT in my mid-thirties. Not bad!  I’m almost never sick and always feeling strong, healthy, sharp and super energetic. I attribute it completely to diet, exercise and meditation. To elaborate further, I don’t lift weights, I don’t eat anything with preservatives, pesticides, trans fats, processed foods or artificial ingredients and I try to keep my stress levels down. Of course I go out sometimes or eat with friends and I don’t fuss or bother to think about it. DIET = what you put in your body on a regular basis. All my exercise is calisthenics, martial arts, chi gong, walking, stretching and resistance bands. I go the park almost daily to walk, do push ups, pull ups, dips, rows, stretch and take deep breaths. If I’m not feeling well, I go see Dr. George Xavier Love in Boca Raton, who practices traditional Chinese medicine like Acupuncture, Massage & Herbs. Last things I want to do is expose myself to a Doctors office, hospital or chemical pills.

Below you will find my recent blog postings regarding my organic diet and exercise routines. Feel free to dig through the archives or subscribe for regular health tips. If you see something you like, please SHARE IT.



Coral Springs Acupuncturist Web Design and Branding

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Coral Springs Acupuncturist Web Site Design, Logo Design and Branding for Coral Springs Acupuncture in Tamarac Clinic.


The latest venture for Jonathan M. Fields, now Dr. Fields, is an Acupuncture in Coral Springs clinic. He also opened Acupuncture in Coconut Creek and Acupuncture in Tamarac clinics.

Besides having to get a Bachelors in Health Sciences, a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and working on a Doctoral Degree in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we also had to design the logo, website, business cards, interior design for the clinic and even do some original paintings for the decor.

So in addition to be being a visual artists, Dr. Fields is now a state licensed and nationally board certified Coral Springs Acupuncturist.

He also teaches Tai Chi, Medical Qi Gong and uses other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities such as cupping, gua sha, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, tuina and moxibustion. He also uses modern techniques like injection therapy, far infrared, electric stimulation, medical massage, functional medicine and much much more.


All of the photos below are actually links that you can see different areas of our South Florida Acupuncture websites. Feel free to click around and contact us if you have any questions about your health. We work with preventative and integrative medicine and can help you when many other doctors have failed. We accept some insurance coverage as well. Just contact us to verify your coverage. Otherwise, acupuncture treatments are not that expensive. They average about $80.


Coral Springs Acupuncturist

Coral Springs Acupuncturist

Coral Springs Acupuncture in Tamarac Parkland Coconut Creek

Coral Springs Acupuncture in Tamarac Parkland Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek Acupuncture

Coconut Creek Acupuncture

Parkland Acupuncture

Parkland Acupuncture

Above you can see some screenshots of the Acupuncture Coral Springs website and some of our other affiliated sites.A

To visit our older Tamarac Acupuncture website, click on the underlined words. To visit our individual Coconut Creek Acupuncture website, click on the underlined text here as well.

To contact us in regards to an upcoming art project or to have a holistic healthcare evaluation, click here.


Yoga Sinai Logo Design

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Logo Design for the Coconut Creek Yoga program I teach at D2R Training Center.



Bruce Lee Freestyle JKD Demo

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In November of 2011, I was blessed and honored to be able to perform for Shannon Lee, Bruce’s daughter, who was hosting the event and promoting their plans to open a museum in Seattle. I was originally booked to DJ this awesome event and one of my Martial Arts students, Chris Campbell happened to show up for the Poppin’ Dance Battle. Last minute, I decided to do a completely Freestyle Jeet Kune Do. We did not practice or have anything pre-arranged.

Bruce Lee JKD Demonstration

The Bruce Lee Commemorative Bday Celebration in Hollywood, FL – Shannon Lee honors her father by speaking about their future museum plans in Seattle and performing a candle lighting ceremony. JKD MMA Freestyle Demo by Instructor J.Fields / Dj Trails of | The event was a popping battle organized by Aqua Boogie, Jon Boogz, Jabbawockeez and Rock W U University. Big ups to Salvador Live aka Bboy Heps Fury for the awesome live painting performance.

For more info about the museum and the legacy, visit:

Bruce Lee JKD Demo Flyer-back


Abz of Adoniss MMA Demo

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Our MMA School was invited to demo at this event. We did a 20+ minute show with 7 martial artists. My Sensei surprised me by presenting my 3rd Degree Black Belt after the show. 8+ years in the making.

Pics & Videos coming soon…

Abz-of-Adonis MMA Demo

LOST LEGACY MMA will be at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino on September 16th from 10am to 4pm promoting our school and putting on a musical demonstration at 1pm. Please bring some friends with you and enjoy the show! The event actually ended up being held at the Deerfield Beach Hilton.

Lost Legacy MMA Demo Team

Abz of Adoniss Mma Demo

For more information, visit the website @

For tickets and contestant registration visit:

If there are more specific vendor/sponsor rates required contact the promoter
James Davis at: 914-799-2009 or



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Veggie burger deluxe meal

Posted by on January 4, 2012 in Health | 1 comment

All organic veggie burger, Ginger, turmeric, sage, cucumber, tomato, carrot shreds, red pepper, broccoli, wheat bread with avocado, olive oil, grounded peppercorns, fresh squeezed lemon and a couple drops of chipotle Tabasco sauce on the patty itself.
I threw everything in the pan and cooked it on medium covered for about 15 minutes while I was cutting. The bread was lightly toasted and dipped in the olive oil at the end. Great meal at 3:30am 🙂


Sunday easy park workout

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Cypress Park in Coral Springs, FL

Beautiful December Weather at Cypress Park in Coral Springs, FL

20 minute walk, 20 minute Blue Dragon Qi Gong workout, 5 minutes Yoga + a couple sets of pushups, pull ups and dips. My easy day after 2.5 hour training session at the Lost Legacy Mma dojo yesterday.



Late night Turkey Sandwich

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2:00 am – Organic Turkey Sandwich with Green Garbanzo bean hummus, tomatoes, cucumber, white radish, ginger, tumeric, avocado, black pepper and an Israeli / Mediterranean spice called Zatar.

Organic Turkey Sandwich with Veggies

Organic Turkey Sandwich with Veggies


Salmon, Broccoli, Collard Greens and Sugar snaps

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This was left overs from Friday night at my parents house for dinner. Wild Alaskan Salmon, Broccoli, Collard Greens, Sugar snaps, and Gnocchi.

Salmon, Greens, Mushrooms, Broccoli, sugar snaps


Vitamins, Minerals, Protien, Greens and Superfood

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Vitamins, Minerals, Protien & Greens

Vitamins, Minerals, Protien & Greens

I just picked up this Orac-Energy Protein & Greens from my favorite Nutrition store. I’ve been taking the Greens for a while but this is my first time getting it with the Protein. The Greens contain hundreds of different all natural vitamins, minerals, nutrients, superfoods and other good stuff for you. The protein powder in this is made from 100% NON-GMO (Genetically Modified), Peas.

It doesn’t taste so great, so I put the powder into a cup of veggie and fruit juice and mix it up with that.  I pick mine up from my friends Lee, Reid and Rob and Nutrition Direct in Tamarac, FL.  Reid is a genius and one of the guys I look up to because of his vast knowledge of the human body and healing. He even patents his own formulas for certain supplements.

If you have a health issue or want some general information or supplements, call Reid or Rob at Nutrition Direct in Tamarac, FL (954) 722-8847 –



Got Acupuncture today in Boca Raton from Dr. George Love

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Boca Raton Acupuncture Dr Love

Boca Raton Acupuncture Dr

I’m getting ready to go on vacation with my girlfriend in North Carolina for a week, and in preparation, I have spent way too much time on the computer trying to satisfy all my clients before I leave. My back is acting up and so is my carpal tunnel. I haven’t been stretching enough this week, or doing my daily qi gong routines and barely sleeping. Needless to say, I’m tight and have back pain and pain in my shoulders, wrist and hand. So I went to visit my friend Dr. George Love who treated me with massage and acupuncture.  He has been practicing for over 30 years and is the lineage of holder of Blue Dragon Immortal Qi Gong, so he knows what he’s doing.  He helped me out and I helped him with his web design and updating his WORDPRESS.


The site is still under construction, but you can see it by clicking:
Boca Raton Acupuncture