Poetry project

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This was a collaboration with a poet and good friend of mine by the name of Renda Writer. I met Renda about 8 years ago, when he hired me a couple times to DJ at the Funky Buddah Lounge in Boca Raton. He was the manager at the time. Shortly after, he would quit and start hosting open mics all over South Florida. He always went out of his way to help other local artists promote their artwork and got me to hang some of my prints and originals in couple different places.  When he ended publishing a local magazine, named We Merge, a few years ago with my friends Dwayne Adams and Jon Vinazza, I was a featured artist in the very first issue. He has been doing a series of collaborations on this notepad paper with many different artists and will be having a show in the future. Stay tuned for details.  For more info on Renda and his Poetry, visit RendaWriter.com

Click on the image to enlarge and read the poem. You may have to click again for a full zoom.

Renda Writer Poetry with my illustration

Renda Writer Poetry with my illustration