Patriot Act Painting

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“The Patriot Act” – Acrylics on 3 pieces of 8″x10″ canvas –2005

Patriot Act Painting

Click photo above to enlarge in a new window and step back a couple feet for a good look

I named this piece, “The Patriot Act”, because of my love and frustration of this country. I love the freedom, flag, opportunity, people and the troops. But I despise the lies, politics and unnecessary wars. This is my tribute to the American Flag and respect for all those lost in the paving of our history, present and future. Or it could just be Captain American running around real fast. Go Avengers! For anybody familiar with Graffiti or Street Art, you may see a little influence in my work. I thought it fitting to finally post this on my new website on the 4th of July, 2012.

Besides painting, I’m at my Search Engine Marketing Company or A1A DJs rocking turntables nationwide.

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