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Lost Legacy MMA Sensei J. Fields Jonathan started his journey as a martial artist at a very young age.  He is currently the chief instructor and 4th Dan Black Belt under Master Jean Phoenix Le Grand at Lost Legacy Systems Mixed Martial Arts in Coconut Creek, FL  where he has been training & teaching since 2004. Most recently, he’s been teaching professional fighters from the UFC &  Team Legacy Amateur MMA competitors.

In 2016, he visited and trained at the original Shaolin Temple in China. In 2015, featured on the #1 Local News Entertainment Show, “Deco Drive”. In 2011, he had the honor to DJ & demonstrate self-defense techniques for the daughter of Bruce Lee, Shannon, at an event commemorating her Father on his Birthday.  Scroll down for videos.

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1. 4th Dan Head Instructor of Lost Legacy Systems Traditional Martial Arts, FL USA
2. Teacher Certification from Songshan Shaolin Tradtional Wushu Academy, China
3. Qing Long/Blue Dragon QiGong Instructor
4. World Chan Medicine Federation Director of Preparatory Committee 2016-2017

1. Lost Legacy Systems Traditional Martial Arts
2. New Shaolin Boxing Association
3. Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy, Shaolin Temple, China
4. International Meihua Quan Federation
5. Qing Long/Blue Dragon QiGong Academy
6. Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine
7. World Chan Medicine Federation

1. Trained under Grandmaster Jean “Phoenix” LeGrand, founder of Lost Legacy Systems.  Shifu LeGrand was trained in Kung Fu by his Uncle, Grandmaster Dr. Jude Innocent. Dr. Innocent is a direct disciple and co-founder of the New Shaolin Boxing Association with international film star, Grandmaster Carter Wong, Chia-Ta Huang (黃家達).
Trained under 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan, Shifu Shi Yan Jun in Tai Chi, QiGong, Sanda, Meihua Quan, Qin Na, Meditation, as well as Shaolin Medicine with Doctors from the Temple.
3. Trained under Zhenwu/Dr. George X. Love 15th Generation Qing Long/Blue Dragon QiGong Master, lineage holder, Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine.
4. Trained Tai Chi, QiGong, Meditation, 5 Element Theory, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbs, Tuina, Food Therapy and Western Medicine at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, FL USA.

1. Performed for Bruce Lee’s Daughter, Shannon, for 2nd Annual Bruce Lee Commemorative Event in 2011
2. Instructor for Professional UFC Fighter & Coach for Team Legacy MMA Fighters
3. Featured on Channel 7 NEWS Deco Drive Television Show in 2015
4. Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors 2015 Inductee for Excellence in Teaching Martial Arts
5. Chosen by Executive Director of Shaolin Temple, Grandmaster Shi Yanlin, to serve as Director of the preparatory committee of World Chan Medicine Federation for one year.
6. USA Director of International Meihua Quan Federation

Jonathan M. Fields started his martial arts training in the early 1990’s in Karate and TaeKwonDo. In 2004, he joined Lost Legacy Systems, a school of traditional mixed martial arts styles such as Kung Fu, JiuJitsu, Judo and Karate founded by 8th Dan, Grandmaster Jean “Phoenix” LeGrand. At the same time, he started his Qing Long/Blue Dragon QiGong training and introduction to Chinese Medicine with Dr. George Love.

In 2014, he enrolled to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. In 2016, he made pilgrimage to the original Shaolin Temple in China and studied under Grandmaster Shi Yan Jun of the Songshan Shaolin Traditional WuShu Academy.

Currently, he is teaching Lost Legacy Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Qin Na, Sanda, QiGong, Meihua Quan, JiuJitsu and Judo Besides Martial Arts, he is an avid world traveler, experienced disc jockey and professional artist.

Jonathan’s interest in Martial Arts has led him to pursue becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Coral Springs Acupuncture Physician. He is currently practicing Coral Springs Acupuncture clinic, as well as in his  Medspa in Boca Raton, Tamarac Acupuncture and Coconut Creek Acupuncture. His mission is to help people improve their health and quality of life through Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine.

If you’d like to see his individual clinic websites please visit:,, Boca Raton Acupuncture, or

Contact Info:

7342 W. Commercial Blvd.
Lauderhill, FL 33319 USA
Facebook @LostLegacyMma
Instagram @LostLegacyMma

Facebook @JonathanMFields
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2015 Featured on DECO DRIVE #1 South Florida News Entertainment Show

2011 Performing for Shannon Lee on Bruce Lee’s Birthday Celebration

Below you can find Videos from our classes and other projects involving Martial Arts. More mma photos and videos coming soon…


Lost Legacy Martial Arts Class 10-2-2010

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This is the first video I made promoting our Coconut Creek MMA School.

5 Minutes out of a 2.5 hour Lost Legacy Mixed Martial Arts class on October 2, 2010 in Coconut Creek, FL. A little bit of stand up techniques and some grappling. Most of the editing was done on my iPhone 4G.


Kardio Kata Logo Design

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The Kardio Kata Logo design was done a few years ago for my Sensei and personal trainer, Jean Le Grand, of Lost Legacy MMA. Kardio Kata is a system he designed based on his 30+ years as a martial artist and 15+ years as a master personal trainer.  I did the animation as a .GIF in Adobe Fireworks using photos I shot of him.

Kardio Kata Logo Design

Kardio Kata Logo Design